Indelibly on my brain are thoughts of loved ones and experiences that have shaped who I am.  Most memories I cherish – there’s a few I’m not so fond of, and a couple I’d like to forget.  As every individual is made up of how they have lived and what one eats — what the hell is in the water of the ignorant children taking part in this detrimental “game” called “Knock Out”?

A woman and a man have died.  WTF???  “Knock Out” is not a joke.  Ring the ALARM!!!  Every police department, every talk show, every community driven organization, EVERYBODY needs to be an activist in nipping this in the bud.  There’s not a fiber of my being that would allow me to randomly slug a person with the intent of rendering them unconscious.  Naturally there have been people we’ve all wanted to hit, and have actually struck, but for the most part practiced restraint — because we’re humane human beings.  According to New York CBS 2 News, “three New Jersey teens were charged with killing Ralph Erick Santiago with the “game” that involves randomly attacking innocent pedestrians and trying to knock them out in one punch.  The three suspects, who have not been identified because of their ages, 13 and 14 respectively, turned themselves in upon police releasing surveillance pictures of them near the scene.  Take a look at more details of the story in the video below.” 

‘Knock Out” is ANIMAL – barbaric, unacceptable behavior that requires immediate attention.  The idea of the ills of our society continually making me sicker, is something that’s actually mind boggling — where does the madness stop?  While I’m one that has the will to practice discernment, with inappropriate, disgusting patterns like “Knock Out” coming to fruition, so can the vigilante.  If cops don’t get a handle on it, others will take action.  This situation is currently occurring along the Eastern seaboard, but is no different from the random shootings that gang-bangers use(d) to initiate new members (back in the day).  God I hope that’s stopped.  Hasn’t that stopped?  How did law enforcement aid to that ending or do we just not hear about these cases?  Have gangs attained a level of humanity where they’ve stopped doing it?  In any case, “Knock-Out” must be stopped before it grows to pandemic proportions.

Knock-Outs are for the boxing ring.  Perhaps some of the immature in the mid-west can have fun with it when cow-tipping, but it doesn’t belong on city streets.  The “game” has already taken on different names.  In Florida they’re calling it “Polar Bearing.”  This brutal activity already has different references!?!?  That’s the equivalent of  characters on the popular show “The Walking Dead” having alternate names for the zombies than “Walkers.”  Writer Jamelle Bouie says: “The question isn’t whether these random assaults happen.  Of course they do.  The question is whether this is a new dimension of urban crime, or a new name for an old phenomenon.  Most of the evidence points to the latter.”  I believe my fellow scribe is too cavalier about the situation, especially when you consider the increase of gun violence, wake up son.  Bouie goes on to site the past crimes of “wilding” and “headlight flashing” as if they were “urban myths.”  While I’ve only heard of two deaths, he sites five deaths have occurred in too casual a manner for my comfort level.  It’s been said that when one falls victim to this game of assault that the assailant yells “Wa-Pow”!  Click here for an article:

knock out copsThus far there have been reported incidents of “Knock-Out” taking place in at least six states, as well as in London.  According to ABC affiliate KERO in Bakersfield, CA “Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell is aware of the disturbing trend from his days in Columbus.  He said there have been a few reports in Columbus, but none so far in Cincinnati.”  The woman that lost her life was walking to her daughter’s house, who lived near by, to baby sit her grandchild.  The majority of the victims that I’ve heard about that fall prey to this “game” are senior citizens.  All of the participants are cowards.

For the sake of humanity

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