I love Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Snoopzilla!?!? Ah yeah, you thought Sean Combs was the only one that could dub himself multiple names, think again. Snoop Dogg has been doing his thang now for 20 years. Known around the world for his music as a rapper and a force in hip-hop, Snoop has released an album in tribute to FUNK.

7daysoffunkThe new self-titled “7 Days of Funk” CD hit stores on Tuesday and is the combination of Snoopzilla and Dam-Funk.  The album features guest appearances by the Dogg Pound, Kurupt and Steve Arrington of Slave fame on the track “1 Question.”  Released through Stone Throw Records, the album also includes the songs: “Hit Da Pavement,” “Let It Go,” “Do My Thang,” “Ride” and the single “Faden Away.”  I personally think it’s a respectable offering, and like it more than the Snoop Lion CD release “Reincarnated,” although I enjoyed the film of the same name.snoopzillaanddamfunk

In short, I’m really feeling that Snoop is taking chances as an artist.  Despite my thoughts of Snoop’s first reggae offering needing be a stronger effort, “Reincarnated” has been nominated for a Grammy Award.  Several long time reggae fans and iconic artists of the genre don’t believe his contribution deserved to be ranked among the best albums of 2013.  The others nominated in the category of “Best Reggae Album” include: Ziggy Marley, Beres Hammond, Sizzla and the legendary Sly & Robbie and The Jam Masters.  I personally thought the combination of Snoop with Sly & Robbie could have made for a better reggae effort for Snoop, but maybe one reason they didn’t link up is due to the duo working on their own record (I hope).

You can pick up “7 Days of Funk” in stores or get it at the Stone Throw Records website at: http://www.stonesthrow.com   There’s additional merchandise available on the site, as well as videos for the songs “Hit Da Pavement” and “Faden Away.”  In addition to Snoop’s Snoopzilla being another alter ego for the artist.  7 Days of Funk is a straight up tribute to the FUNK music that Snoop and others like Dr. Dre grew up on — Parliament-Funkadelic — the ultimate innovators of the genre of FUNK!!!

Here’s a few shots from the record release party:


for the love of Snoop, FUNK and Hip-Hop


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