If you haven’t heard yet, Lil’ Kim is pregnant.  A fan more so of her presence in hip-hop than her music, I met Lil Kim when she was promoting her first album “Hard Core.”  At four feet and eleven inches and chocolate brown skin, her FUNKY reputation had preceded her.  The reserved young lady I met, was not the wild child I expected.

She was gorgeous, and I felt fortunate to make her acquaintance.  Although my meeting her was fleeting just prior to a colleague whisking her off for an interview, it was clear to me that she would be an enigma — that was in 1996 — nearly 20 years ago.  Fast forward to today, six albums and several cosmetic surgeries later, Lil’ Kim still peaks the interest of millions — for better or worse.  Despite the feuding between her and Nicki Minaj, Minaj would not hold the crown as a female rapper, had it not been for Kim.  https://museumofuncutfunk.com/2011/02/24/funkin-female-rap-beefs-lil-kim-vs-nicki-minaj/  I’m writing this item, not so much as a report on the fact that she’s pregnant, but more so as an homage and to let her know she’s loved.  For me there’s something about one who repeatedly undergoes physical transitions, that says they don’t know how much they are loved, and that they’re seeking love of self.  I’m hoping that giving birth will enable Lil’ Kim to see all of the beauty she possess within, and elevates her spirit to a place where she need not go under the knife again.

Yester-Year The Notorious K.I.M. Tour

Yester-Year The Notorious K.I.M. Tour


Today - Fashion Week/ The Blonds Show

Today – Fashion Week/ The Blonds Show




















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The diversity 2009 to 2013…


































































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