The LEGENDARY Bernard “Pretty” Purdie took time out from his travels, recording sessions and lecturing future musicians to sit down and talk about his amazing career. The Museum Of UnCut Funk is honored to have had the opportunity to interview Bernard “Pretty” Purdie.

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is known for his musical time keeping and “The Purdie Shuffle”. Bernard is considered the World’s Most Recorded Drummer and has worked with many of the greats like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Gil Scott-Heron, Steely Dan, Miles Davis and so many more. Bernard has recored numerous albums, the most noted of which are Soul Drums (1968), Purdie Good (1971), Soul Is…Pretty Purdie (1972) and the hit soundtrack for the film Lialeh (1972).

Bernard Purdie - Lialeh

Bernard Purdie – Lialeh

Bernard’s career began at a young age when he received lessons from his teacher Mr. Heywood. Mr. Heywood would later have Bernard play in his big band. Bernard’s other musical influences came from Buddy Rich, Joe Marshall and Art Blakey. As Bernard traveled the music circuit and recorded with several musicians he went on to meet and record on James Brown’s Say It Loud…I’m Black and I’m Proud (1969) and Get On The Good Foot (1972). Bernard also played for King Curtis and The Kings Pins and Aretha Franklin in 1970 at the Fillmore West. Bernard is the drummer who coined the term the “funky and low down beat” on the Rock Steady track.

Bernard Purdie Background Information

Bernard Purdie Interview

We hope you enjoy this interview and again the Museum Of UnCut Funk sends a special Thank You to Bernard.

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