Dr. Dre is about to get PAID! As the hoopla of Solange assaulting Jay-Z dies down, the glory of the first billionaire rap star is the talk of the town.  Apple’s no dummy, they see kids – their employees – wearing Beats as opposed to the ear bugs they provide for their customers.

‎I would imagine unless you’re a parent that’s making Beats purchases, you may not be aware that people have more than one set of the multi-colored gadgets.  See, you have to have various colors to wear with different outfits – “coordinate” — and there are skins for Beats as well.  beatscoordinateWearable technology is the future – what was once old, is about to be new again, and Dre has set the trend. Beats audio can come pre-installed in your spankin’ new smartphone or HP computer, and Chrysler has Beats-branded audio technology in their new cars.  Brand new Beats ain’t cheap either, the head wear goes for 2 to-4 hundred dollars a pop.  Beats’ “Pro” model headphones that are designed for studio use, costs $449.95.  http://www.power106.com/personalities/KickinItWithGabby/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10666711  People are buying Beats instead of groceries or paying bills.  Oh and it’s not just the headphones, you gotta have a pill too.  And while the headphones are a fashion statement as well as a source of music, Beats makes earphones and a beatbox too.

This is what makes Beats the new Jordans.  Folks are as delusional about owning a set of Beats, as they are about owning a Coach bag or a pair of Air Jordans.  They have to have a pair because they’re THE headphones to have.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Beats are the best headphones I’ve ever heard.  Yeah, they’re dope – they are as dope as the music Dre USED to make.  It seems safe to say that once the deal between Apple and Beats is inked, it will be the preverbal nail in the coffin for the long awaited “Detox” album.  Even as a millionaire, it seemed as if Dre chose to scrap the project.  I just personally think it sucks that passion can be extinguished for bucks.  https://museumofuncutfunk.com/2013/06/16/what-da-funk-dre-wheres-the-album-at/

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