Lenny is dropping his new album “Strut” on September 23rd!  Rockin’ since 1989, his debut album, was “Let Love Rule.”  I remember his then wife, Lisa Bonet, coming to visit us at WBLS to promote her man’s new music.  We played it while she sat with us in the studio, and chatted about his musical vision, when NOBODY else did.  Although his sound wasn’t traditionally that, of what one would hear on an R&B station, we supported him.  We were ‘BLS, we played Queen and INXS – why?  Because it was Dope!
Lenny, Lisa & ZoeIn a few years he had a major presence in music.  If you don’t know his whole story by now, look it up, in short he’s still rocking’; is now acting (“The Butler” & “Precious”) and his daughter Zoe, that he had with Bonet, is a rising star.  This is simply a retrospective of his FUNKY MUSIC, as I’m looking forward to the new ish.  25 years later, I’m still showing him love, because in my book love is eternal – “Let Love Rule.”

1989 – “Let Love Rule”lenny / let love rule



1991 – “Mama Said”

lenny/ mama said








1993 – “Are You Gonna Go My Way”lenny/ my way



1995 – “Circus”

lenny/ circus








1998 – “5”lenny/ 5



2001 – “Lenny”









2004 – “Baptism”lenny/ baptism



2008 – “It’s Time for a Revolution”

lenny/ revolution








2011 – “Black and White America”lenny/ black and white america





2014 – “Strut”

lenny/ strut

for more on Lenny Kravitz and tour information  http://www.lennykravitz.com — Shot below taken at MTV when he was promoting the “Baptism” CD…

Curtis and Lenny Kravitz

UPDATE 9/12/14: Sean Lennon posts this photo on his FB page with the comment “This man taught me everything I know. #thegoastt @lennykravitz @zoeisabellakravitz #beck” — Julian Lennon replies “Is that so… :-)”

Sean Lenon & Lenny Kravitz

for the Love of LENNY



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