I can’t say they stole the soul, but they sure do emulate it in their latest spot for their “Simply Naked” pita chips.  Stacy’s chips are actually a favorite of mine among healthy snacks.  As far as I’m concerned, the commercial pays homage to the FUNK legend, but I wonder what he would think if he was alive to see the T.V. ad.

He’d more than likely think of course they stole from me like so many others, but if I went chasing a check from everybody that copied my funk, I wouldn’t have time for nothing else.  The background music on this advertisement sounds a LOT like James Brown’s “I Got The Feeling” – Check it out.

JB’s “I Got The Feelin'”

JB’s “Get On Up”

Well… Take my word for it, the funk of JB is in there.  Stacy’s Chips has used groovy music in their TV ads in the past, ala Booker T. & the MGs’ hit “Green Onions.”  There are several advertisers that have used the music of FUNK artists.  Currently Minute Maid has a new product that uses The GAP Band classic “You Dropped the Bomb On Me” and NIKE used Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness” in an ad for LeBron James’ shoe, early on in his initial endorsement deal.  See those blogs at the links below, or for all the FUNK in ads you probably can’t fathom, enter “Funk Ad(d)s Up” in the search box above.



The movie “Get On Up,” based on the life of James Brown, landed in third place among top grossing films at the box office in it’s first week.  The film re-enacts this bit of history below…

for the LOVE of FUNK and James Brown


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