So I’m surfing the web this morning before doing anything of substance while my brain is still waking up, click on something, don’t even remember what – oh, “a dad in Detroit doing good,” and I see this ad… (click on it for full view)


smh – “Didn’t Jennifer Hudson WIN the Academy Award for her ‘Debut Role’?,” I say to myself.  Now, in order to win, one must be nominated — however — once one wins the coveted honor, you are now The Winner, right?  To add insult to injury, when you click on the ad, the program advertised is nowhere to be found on the linked website – wtf!  In the ad as you can see, it also reads “Celebrate Black,” yet in the same ad the cable company is not appropriately celebrating the black talent, in the actual ad – HELLO!!!

J-Hud where’s your people at?  Lucky for me, there’s a “Feedback” tab in the upper right hand corner of the website – now I’m WIDE awake, my message sent below:

‘What is up with this ad featuring Jennifer Hudson on your home page? Did you even read it before smacking it on your site? It reads: “IS ONE OF VERY FEW ARTISTS TO EVER RECEIVE AN ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION ON THE DEBUT ROLE” – SHE WON… To add insult to injury, once you click on the ad, the advertised “Interludes LIVE”, is nowhere to be found. I’m not even going to mention the vendor – they don’t need me giving them free press.

You have a tab for “feedback” – so here it is… Proofread and Fact Check – Nobody’s perfect, but Damn. “News One for Black America” is YOUR Header – “What Up Wit Dat – What Up Wit Dat”?’

website where the ad more than likely still lives…

link for Jennifer Hudson’s OSCAR WIN acceptance speech… 

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