I’m always impressed when intellect and wealth meet humanity.  The initiatives and efforts of Bill and Melinda Gates in the realms of education, health, hunger and global economics are astounding.  Oprah Winfrey’s school in Africa for girls; how she’s put young men through college here in the United States; and her “Legends Ball” where she honored Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee, among others, before they left this earth will forever amaze me.

Although I have no idea what his personal agenda is, it was announced this past week, that Musa Tariq is Apple’s new Head Digital Marketing Director.  I congratulate him, and you can read more details on that story via AdWeek or International Business Times online, but what inspired this blog was Tariq’s “weekend reading” that he posted on twitter.

Mandela's WayBorn and raised in London, he was the Head of Digital Marketing at Burberry, before taking on duties as Senior Director of Social Media & Community for Nike.  Apple is pleased as punch that he’s now on their team, and his colleagues at Nike gave him a proper send off.

Given the obvious level of his intellect, I have no doubt he’ll more than likely go through the entire book “Mandela’s Way” by Richard Stengel this weekend.  Given the fact that he’s reading this particular book, says to me that no matter the amount of money he has or will to acquire wealth, he’s apparently very rich at heart.  It says this is a man who thinks of other people and not just himself.

Now following him on twitter, I’m curious as to where his journey is going.  One who prides himself on being a leader, I’ve never written anything about individuals I’ll monitor, although there are several inspiring people I aspire to follow the path of.  In addition to expressing that I’m impressed with this man’s accomplishments, after only reading a couple of news articles,  I wanted to bring him to the attention of anyone who reads this blog.

As the U.S. has taken to the skies with air strikes over Iraq in attempts to end the terrorists objectives of ISIS, we are yet again involved in conflict.  While I do not condone the practices of “Evil Doers,” I’m a man who meditates, prays for and advocates peace.  The admonishment of those on a track of positivity and their actions is imperative.  What does Tariq reading a book on Mandela have to do with air strikes in Iraq?  EVERYTHING – as the minute actions of every individual, have a small effect on larger issues.  Tariq’s skills and abilities, his interests in men like Mandela, although personal, are dynamics of a global ripple effect.ripple

I’m inspired by Tariq’s “weekend reading,” and the book is now on my list of one’s to get.  Any thinking and humane individual is/ was inspired by the great Nelson Mandela, and “Mandela’s Way: Lesson’s on Life, Love, and Courage,” features a preface by Nelson himself.


website for Bill and Melinda Gates initiatives here… http://www.gatesfoundation.org

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