Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar are co-stars and co-executive producers for their new show “Partners” on FX.  Co-concieved by the two of them, it premiered last Monday, August 4th.  A half-hour sitcom, they’ve already aired four episodes, showing two new scenarios back-to-back.  Playing the roles of lawyers, Martin is the straight man to Grammer’s delivery of one-liners.

PartnersThe guys already have at least a dozen episodes in the can, and like most TV comedies, it’s getting funnier every week.  Here’s the description from FX: “Two Chicago lawyers from vastly different backgrounds unexpectedly meet in court as they each face a personal crisis.  Marcus Jackson (Martin Lawrence) is a kind-hearted community activist going through a heartbreaking divorce when he meets Allen Braddock (Kelsey Grammer), an elitist lawyer who has just been fired from his father’s firm.  Brought together by fate and desperation, they develop a partnership and friendship, forcing each other to find the balance between the ethical and the unscrupulous in both their professional and personal lives.”

The show also stars Telma Hopkins as Lawrence’s character’s mother; McKaley Miller, Daniele Watts, Rory O’Malley and Edi Patterson.  Hopkins has appeared on the shows “Bosom Buddies”, “Family Matters” and “Are We There Yet,” to name a few.  The rest of the cast are relative new comers, considering the credits of the three leads.  This marks Grammer’s fourth sitcom in a lead capacity and Martin’s third.  Grammer was also the executive producer of the sitcom “Girlfriends” that starred Traci Ellis Ross.  Ross returns to the tube this fall in the new ABC sitcom “Blackish,” opposite Anthony Anderson and veteran actor Laurence Fishburne.

It’s been announced that Lawrence and Will Smith are doing “Bad Boys 3” and Grammer can currently be seen in “The Expendables 3.”  Kelsey is presently in production on the animated feature “Bunyan and Babe,” and has three more films scheduled for release by 2016.  “Partners” airs Monday nights at 9pm, and again at 11, on FX.

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