Prince is releasing not one, but 2 new albums this fall.  Expected for release on September 30th, “Art Official Age,” is a solo project and “Plectrumelectrum,” is the long anticipated project that features 3rdEyeGirl.  Friends and fans may already have seen the video for the previously released single, “Breakfast Can Wait,” which features Dave Chapelle on the cover art – if not, go here…

Taken from Rolling Stone (RS): “He will reportedly hold a series of special events and live dates around the world, details for which are forthcoming, to celebrate the albums’ release.  Both records are available separately as pre-orders, via the website, and include ‘instant gratification’ downloads.”  To read the rest of the article go here…  Both CDs can also be pre-ordered on i-tunes, which is where I became aware of the upcoming event, and at  The RS article also talks about his rekindled relationship with Warner Brothers, and the forthcoming release of a deluxe digitally remastered, 30th anniversary version of the “Purple Rain” soundtrack.

I’m not going into a long dissertation about the FUNK of Prince and his accomplishments because y’all alreaty know.  These two releases, are his first new albums since “LotusFlow3r,” released on NPG Records in 2009; and his limited release of “20Ten,” released the year of its title.  “Art Official Age,” includes a song with Rita Ora; but not included on the CD is his recent collaboration “Ain’t Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone” with Ledesi.  Prince worked on the solo project with singer/ songwriter Joshua Welton.  Track listing for both records below:Prince - Purple on Stage

“Art Official Age”

1. “Art Official Cage”
2. “Clouds”
3. “Breakdown”
4. “The Gold Standard”
5. “U Know”
6. “Breakfast Can Wait”
7. “This Could Be Us”
8. “What It Feels Like”
9. “Affirmation I & II”
10. “Way Back Home”
11. “Funk-n-Roll”
12. “Time”
13. “Affirmation III”


Prince and 3rdEyeGirl“Plectrumelectrum”

1. “Wow”
2. “Pretzelbodylogic”
3. “Aintturninround”
4. “Plectrumelectrum”
5. “Whitecaps”
6. “Fixurlifeup”
7. “Boytrouble”
8. “Stopthistrain”
9. “Anotherlove”
10. “Tictactoe”
11. “Marz”
12. “Funknroll”

for the LOVE of PRINCE



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