Last year I wrote an item titled “Missing the Funkiest Moment.”  It was about how so many people nowadays that go to live performances, and truly miss the essence of the show they’re attending.  You Are At The Show, you should enjoy it, not spend time trying to record it to watch later.  I feel confident in my knowledge of this, as I have been so fortunate to see so many shows, since I was a teen.

As the number of people that do this has only grown, I’m prompted to express this reality AGAIN, as I actually captured a moment last night amidst thunder storms (click on photo for full view).


This is a shot of a multitude of people recording some show on their cell phones, ironically at an AT&T sponsored event (click on photo for full view).


I’m not against anyone taking a few snapshots of their beloved band or artist they went to see.  I don’t even knock video taping a few moments of the show for posterity or a special memory, but the whole show??? NOOO!!!  The reality is, this used to be illegal, your ass would be ejected from a concert if you pulled out a camera.  Today “Everybody is a Star” and have delusions that they’re a natural at capturing the essence, of what professionals have done for years, and still do.  RELAX, somebody else recorded it, if you want to watch it on YouTube tomorrow, it’ll be there — Just Try It Once.  If you do and you’re not satisfied, you can go back to “Missing The FUNKIEST Moment.”  For more on this… 


for LIVING in the moment


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