‎There is no FUNKIN’ “Middle-Class.”  Dear friends, associates, lovers of this website and random blog readers, ever since G. W. Bush Funked Up the economy, the “Middle-Class” has ceased to exist.  Sure, for the most part the Working Class – those with ambition – have been ok, but unless you’re bringing in a minimum of 200-250k, you are not of today’s “Middle-Class.”  It’s cold ain’t it, but it’s real – the sooner you accept this reality, the more equipped you will be to change it.

President Barack Obama kept the country from falling into a second depression when he took office.  As much as the GOP would like the majority of US citizens to be blind to this blatant fact, that’s what happened.  Tuesday night’s mid-term election results was a second smack in the POTUS’ face.  The first being a lack of cooperation from Congress throughout his entire term in office.  What’s worse are the ignorant, gullible, impressionable and delusional voters that put the Republican party in office.  The actions and lack there of, of the majority of the American public, is an International embarrassment.  This unfortunate reality is compounded by the lack of support that the Democratic party got from all those that opted not to vote.  The slim margins that enabled the GOP to be successful, is in my opinion, a travesty that could have been avoided.  The good people that brushed off the election as if it were insignificant, did themselves and those of us that did vote, a disservice to say the least.  What’s worse than that, is the lost blind souls that apparently believe in the repetitive lies of the GOP.  The Republican Party does NOT have your best interest at heart “Joe the Plumber.”  Every election Republicans besmirch the accomplishments of the Democratic party, influencing the vast majority of the general public, that are not critical thinkers.  MiddleClassPreyWhat’s worse Than That, is the lack of combative response from the Democratic party, that doesn’t squash the bullshit and rhetoric that is constantly spewed by those out for their own personal gain.  News show hosts, pundits and comedians do more positive campaigning to dispel the constant lies being told by the GOP, than their opposing party that I have no choice to continue to support.

I say I have no choice, because YEARS ago I recognized that politics at the end of the day, is simply politics.  Being a member of the Democratic Party is supporting the lesser of two evils, but nonetheless, it’s THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.  To put it simply, folks who vote for those that don’t have their best interest at heart, are hurting themselves.  Taken from the Defending The Truth website: “The poor will remain poor and will vote for whoever promises them more freebies.  The rich have already seen the writing on the wall and taken the appropriation actions to protect their wealth.  That leaves the Middle Class, which historically would swing in either direction.  By squashing the Middle Class you remove opposition to the Grand Strategy.”  A prime example, would be a current co-worker of mine ala my latest temporary part-time job, to make ends meet‎.  “The system works,” he said to me the day after the election, referring to the slim margins that made the difference, leading to the majority of Democratic candidates defeat.  He voted Republican.  A vote for the Republican party should be based on a level of monetary income, that will lend to one’s future endeavors, in addition to any given candidate’s policies and issues he or she is key on addressing.  I point out the dynamic of monetary income as the primary reason, because the GOP’s primary objective, has ALWAYS been rooted in the essence of a capitalist society – followed by any and everything else.  The person I mentioned that made the choice to vote Republican, ONLY works this part-time job, and lives with his parents at the age of 25.  When I was 25, I had lived on my own for the past six years, and had the responsibility of a parent. Although millions of US citizens don’t have respect or believe in our President any longer, this image below that has been circulating for the past few years, reflects reality…


What’s disgraceful, are the Democrats who chose to distance themselves from the POTUS, thinking it would aid their plight.  There are three female politicians outstanding in this regard, whose names I won’t mention, as they disgust me.  You don’t go against your party, that’s simply bad politics, which reflected in the results for them or the lack there of.evilmeme200

Kimberly Waller, a.k.a. my wife, weighed in with this on her Facebook (FB) page: “As my fellow mass media studies comrades will attest, our professors were emphatic with the warning: when you see a story / stories that dominate mass media and creates fear or mass hysteria – search for the “other” stories, as there’s surely a manufactured distraction happening. We’ve seen this happen time and again, most recently with Isis and Ebola. While these are no doubt concerns for our country, the over saturated notion of fear seems to have been orchestrated on cue; before the mid term election. Every single piece of media has a message and an intent, and because mass media is so consolidated, very few people control that message. I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed with the overall midterm election results, but I’m also encouraged that some Democratic initiatives were passed. We saw the rise of minimum wage in many states, more women than ever have been elected to serve in the top tiers of government, and we clearly favor immigration reform. Still, many have been bamboozled into voting against their economic interests (believing they are “middle class”), were affected by discriminatory voter ID laws, or chose not to vote at all – a problem the minority community and young voters must address. I dislike the term Democrat / Republican because I think it creates divisiveness, but I will use it here and say I believe Democrats weren’t able to mobilize their base because (in addition to the aforementioned issues) distractions created by elitist-owned & operated media drowned them out when the push was most needed. People need a reason to come out and vote, they need to know why they’re voting. But what’s done is done – that’s Democracy! I accept that. I hope the new Congress enforces the will of the People instead of grid locking progress for the good of their own agenda. In the meantime, REAL change starts from the ground up – always! There’s plenty we can do as individuals in our respective communities that makes a big difference! How will this be accomplished? By doing the exact opposite of what they’re doing in Washington. Working together is key. P.S. – the pendulum always swings.”


In a different realm, yet still in line with this way of thinking, my friend Shamello’s dad Donald Durant posted this on his FB page: On 11/ 6 – “We have not seen, nor have ears heard what we will be facing in the next two years.  The Supreme Court, as well as the GOP Congress, have displayed how they will carry on business as usual, and it matters not how many suffer, and the Dems, allowed this to take place big time, by staying home during an election that was imperative…”; On 11/ 5 – “As we look back on our recent election the shock and awe is still holding.  We have to re-examine and analyze what we have seen and where we have gone in order to fully understand what just happened.  Money was spent in record amounts and Super PACS have dominated the political arena.  The Affordable Health Care Act is now in jeopardy, and the Hispanic Immigration efforts are practically on hold, and so many of those fights and battles for fair wage increases, have now gone out the window.  Fighting ISIS is on the table in a huge way and the Ebola efforts will now have Quarantines across the nation in the suspicion of its existence.  Social Security cost of living increases of 1% will dwindle to none and the Supreme Court replacements will fit a singular profile, contrary to the interests of the President.”; Lastly on 10/ 20 – “The New Head of Microsoft, was granted a salary increase this year after only nine months on the job.  He moved from his previous $7.5 million salary to more than $16 million.  This is the same guy who says: “…women should be complacent and not ask for raises just wait to be recognized.”  His salary increase is an example of what will drive the U.S. into a great depression that might be almost impossible to pull out of.  The wealthy Oligarchs in our society think only about their individual wealth and the greed causes them to stash their money off shore and continually refuse to grant fair, and competitive wages to the workers.  They demand lower Corporate Taxes,and less oversight.  The U.S. Middle class has diminished to a point that it is almost non-existent and ranks less than 25th place in national comparisons.  Many individuals were determined to make their way to the U.S, for educational opportunity and wealth possibilities.  They now make their way to China, India, Russia, and almost anywhere except North Korea…  Come out and vote in a change.  Vote in someone who is far sighted enough to cast a vote for term limits on the Congress, Senate, and the Supreme Court.  Vote in change in our student loans, and tuitions, and in our wage minimums across the country.”middleclassgraph

Mr. Durant’s FB post on October 20th, was a huge influence in me writing this blog, as it echoed the conversations I have with Kimberly.  To his post I commented: “Thanks for writing this, you say: “The U.S. Middle class has diminished to a point that it is almost non-existent.”  I say this time is already upon us and the idea that it still exists is denial.  No we haven’t hit rock bottom yet, however we’re essentially a nation living check-to-check.  Those that aren’t, are not far from that, in conjunction with the level of their financial status.”  If you read this far – THANK YOU!!!  I hope you share this item in whole or in part with another that needs to be made aware.  In closing, I’ll simply say the last Republicans that got any credit for being good politicians are Ronald Regan and Abraham Lincoln, and Regan only got it a loooong time after any positive strides he made.  “Reganomics” overshadowed Ronnie’s positive deeds while he was in office, and Lincoln — although he recognized dynamics of commerce that came with slavery — valued human life more than a dollar.  These two quotes snagged from Donald Durant’s FB page, bear relevance to the message of this blog, and epitomize unfortunate aspects of our nation.

Mark Twain - quote

Shirley Chisholm - quote







UPDATE 01/ 08/ 15 – Suggestions from Senator Elizabeth Warren… http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/07/news/economy/elizabeth-warren-middle-class/index.html?sr=fbmoney010715warren0130story

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