Azealia Banks’ debut album, “Broke With Expensive Taste,” hit i-tunes and Spotify on November 6th.  Ever since her track “212” dropped in 2011, I’ve been looking forward to a full length project.  Interscope records picked her up soon after the single was released, but dropped her this past July.  The label released her EP “1991” in the Spring of 2012, and her mixtape “Fantasea,” followed it two months later.
Azealia Banks CD
“Broke With Expensive Taste” was originally set for release later that year, but the artist from Harlem, apparently felt there was more work to be done before it hit the streets.  The release this week came without promotion and has been all the buzz as there have been articles in SPIN and Billboard.  In addition to new songs, the project includes tunes from her EP (videos below).  A visual for “Chasing Time” is expected soon, as a teaser for it has been surfacing online, featuring the rising star in black & white.

The album includes 16 joints of multi-genred FUNK, as Banks’ taste comes in many flavors.  The artist brings the sounds and skills of pop, hip-hop, techno and R&B, singing and rapping and even delivers in Spanish, on the song “Gimmie A Chance.”  Full track-list below:

Broke With Expensive Taste:
1) Idle Delilah
2) Gimme a Chance
3) Desperado
4) JFK [ft. Theophilus London]
5) 212 [ft. Lazy Jay]
6) Wallace
7) Heavy Metal and Reflective
8) BBD
9) Ice Princess
10) Yung Rapunxel
11) Soda
12) Chasing Time
13) Luxury
14) Nude Beach A-Go-Go
15) Miss Amor
16) Miss Camaraderie

Azealia Banks LP

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