Family, this will be my final installment, for my thoughts on the Black Panther Party (BPP).  COINTELPRO – is a code word aka acronym for Counter Intelligence Program – in reference to the BPP.  It’s objectives was the neutralization of black extremists groups, prevention of violence by said groups, and the prevention of coalition of black extremists organizations.

Black Panther eventIn a memorandum dated 11/25/68, we get to see the early disruptive tactics.  Here is an excerpt of the memo: “In order to capitalize upon BPP and US differences, as well as exploit all avenues of creating further dissension among the ranks of the party, recipient offices are instructed to submit imaginative and hard hitting counter-intelligence measures aimed at crippling the BPP.  The Panthers, through their community survival programs, provided a form of education that exposed America’s contradictions and it’s insatiable appetite for materialism, at the expense of poor people.  This harsh reality explains why some Panthers chose to engage law officers in battle.  These programs also laid the foundation, for self-actualization, one’s motivation to recognize, pursue and attain one’s full capabilities.

As expressed in my previous installment of this three-part entry, once declared as a Communist and anti-American organization by Director J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, the COINTELPRO protocols went into full effect.  Specifically by using agent provocateurs, sabotage, misinformation and lethal force, in order to undermine and ultimately abolish the BPP.  This campaign culminated with two major events.  First, a five hour shootout at the Southern California HQ of the Panthers and second, by way of an Illinois State Police raid in Chicago, where Party leader Fred Hampton was assassinated.

Although the COINTELPRO’s measures contributed greatly to the party’s demise, the dissolution of Party leaders, directly played a major role in it’s actual internment.  There are still considerable debates going on to this day, pertaining to the impact and legacy, left by the Black Panther Party on society.  The photo at the top of this blog is an image of the “New Black Panther Party.”  Personally, I will allow more learned individuals to input more information, and address any concerns that might need attention.Black Panther Flyer

Thank you for your mind and ears one more time, as we STEP INTO THE FUNK, until next time…

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