Many of the lessons Malcolm X taught, were for the benefit of all Men then, as well as today.  A Man that was Marveled, and yet MisunderstoodMalcolm Little was the son of parents Earl and Louise Little.  He Married Betty Shabazz in 1958, and is the father to Qubilah, Ilyasah, Attallah, Malikah, Gamilah Lumumba, and Malaak.

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X, Managed to Manifest Miraculous Mindful acts of Morality that are Mind-Blowing.  One who took the route of a Marauder early on in life, he redeemed himself, by committing to a life of Meliorism.  As a Muslim, Malcolm Motivated Millions through a Movement, after hours of Meditation.  A Master of the English language, he rendered Magnificent speeches of Merit, that were Mature and Meaningful.  Once asked if he considered himself “Militant,” he simply replied, “I consider myself Malcolm.”  At one point he was ranked as public enemy number-one by the F.B.I.  They considered him to be a Maniacal and Morose Member of society, with Malicious intentions.  These presumptions were so far from the truth, as Malcolm’s Mission, was one of Mustering Mutual respect among Men.  It’s no secret that his initial endeavors, under the guidance and direction of Elijah Muhammad, was geared toward black Men.  However once Malcolm Made his pilgrimage to Mecca, his eyes were opened, to Mitigating the suffering of all Men.  He was a Mensch of Majestic proportions, Magnanimous in his presence, while remaining Mellow working his Magic for Mankind.  Malcolm’s Mindsight was one of Mercy, which was proven in how he Meticulously Made sure, that others were safe when he Met his Murderous end at 40 years of age.  A Marvelous Mentor, he Made Major strides in educating, a Multitude.  Some still Mourn his absence, but this is in respectful Memory, of the Man.  This year Marks the 90th anniversary of Malcolm’s birth.  Had he lived longer, he would have only accomplished More.  Malcolm X: Born on May 19, 1925, he was assassinated, February 21, 1965.

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malcomxbirthday2for the truth of Malcolm’s intent


UPDATE 6/ 9/ 15: Story on the murder of Malcolm X’s grandson from the Amsterdam News…



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