UBER has been consistently growing city to city and around the world since its inception in 2009.  Today I saw a sign as I was on my way to the supermarket, where they were offering “Free Gas,” for their drivers and as a means of recruiting new drivers.

In 2013, Uber was offering $50 gas cards to entice new drivers, my impression today was that the “Free Gas” was for ALL drivers.  The partnering gas station was Mobil, however, I don’t know if they provide the same service with other petroleum providers.









Uber Free Gas


One who takes cabs in any given city, I’m becoming more inclined to use their services more often, primarily based on their business model.  I have spoken to friends that LOVE it, that will now, only use Uber for their travel needs.  My wife has the app in her phone in the event we decide to go that route, as opposed to a cab or train, but we don’t use the service exclusively.

At the end of the day the company is gangster in their mode of operation, and despite the haters, it doesn’t appear that business will slow down.

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UBER website:  https://www.uber.com

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