The following, are 10 examples of the proverbial “Road Hog,” that can make for unpleasantness on any given day.

Slow Drivers & Walkers that Don’t Enable One to Pass By
Texting While Driving or Walking
Wide-Loads in the Middle of the Road or Sidewalk Impeding the Movement of Those Behind Them
People w/ Rolling Luggage OR the Strollers that Don’t Pick a Side
Escalator Riders that Stand in the Middle or Not to the Right
Tourists that Stop Cold Dead in the Middle of the Sidewalk
Those Who Simply Don’t Look Where They’re Going
Street Performers that Result in Congested Sidewalks
People that Congregate on Sidewalks in Front of Any Given Venue After an Event
Lovebirds that are Oblivious to People Behind Them when Walking Down the Street

Last but FAR from least – ASSHOLE Bike Riders that think they’re entitled to roll down the the middle of the street amidst traffic where cars have to drive – especially when there’s a BIKE LANE designated for them.  Have you seen these jerks that have the nerve to give you the finger?

To these people, this song and video, is dedicated to you…

for a lifetime of enduring Road Hogs, and the unfortunate encounters to come


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