Here’s the deal with Donald Trump.  All his previous announcements to run for President were publicity.  You may be saying, “no kidding,” but allow me to elaborate.

‎When he’s said it the past five times since 1988, he was compensated handsomely, for doing so.  While he may have fantasized, about becoming the leader of the “Free World,” prior threats to do so were not serious… until now.  This time he’s actually filed candidacy papers with the Federal Election Commission.  Those that were paying him, for the sake of ratings, have now severed all ties.  Trump claims, that the network is contractually bound, to fulfill aspects of their relationship.  Only time will tell.

Beyond these facts, despite current “public polls,” “The Donald” doesn’t have “A Shot in Hell” of becoming President.  Again, you may be saying “no kidding,” but there are actually idiots in our country that believe he can win.  These people are dangerous.  They attribute to everything the rest of the world doesn’t like about America.  As long as these backward thinking ignoramuses live and breathe, aspects of the face of our nation, will always have a touch of ugly.

When the real estate mogul announced he was running for the Republican nomination, he said in a statement: “I am pleased to submit this filing to the Federal Election Commission, formalizing my campaign for President of the United States,” he said.  “I can rebuild the American Dream so that it is stronger, bigger and better than ever before.  Together we will make America Great Again!”  Trump insulted critical thinking patriots, Mexicans, and the people of China at his press conference.  As arrogant as members of the Republican party are, they’d never nominate Trump, as their actual candidate.  As ridiculous and hateful, as the G.O.P. is on multiple issues, they’re far from stupid.

On Trump and the network…

Companies that have dropped Donald…

in favor of Donald the Duck’s failure in his plight to be P.O.T.U.S.


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