I Love FUNKY hairstyles but don’t understand dirty or stinky ones.  The Funkiest of all hairstyles (to me) are ‎dreadlocks and the spiked look.  One among a nation, influenced by the late great and legendary Bob Marley, I rocked dreads for years allowing them ‎to grow to my nipples.

These are cool funky hairstyles…Unknown-2



images-2 Unknown images-1 images-5 Unknown-1








This diverse group of folks are Rockin’ a look.images-4 images


So why do these two below, think what they’re sportin’ is anywhere near, what they apparently believe to be bold.  I saw both of these hair-dos while in transit.  Shaking my head, I had to take photos because I couldn’t believe these hair styles, that were emulating FUNK that stinks.


Why pray tell would you want to look like a skunk?

Is it just me, or does this guy’s head, look like there’s a lump of do-do on it?













for the Love of FUNKY hairstyles and the confusion of Stinky ones


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