Tom Brady’s got Boston by the balls!  The NFL got an entire year of free publicity due to “Deflategate.”  Throughout the constant media blitz, Boston stood by their beloved Brady, initiating a “Free Brady” campaign.The Patriots

During this time, Tom was at home with his super model wife and children, or traveling to one of his other homes.  “Free Brady,” from what? I asked myself, as both wife and I were very amused.  Free BradyI indulged a manager of a diner near South Station, by actually saying “Free Tom Brady,” simply to show support for the city I’m currently residing in.  He was never arrested for the accusations of his supposed ‎knowledge of the status of the deflated balls, and eventually suspended from four games, which was later overturned by a judge.

Now the season is in full swing and the Patriots are back on top‎.  After a “two game losing streak” being defeated by the Broncos and the Eagles, Brady and the boys defeated the Texans and the Titans, then lost to The Jets last week.  They meet the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.  A “losing streak” does not two losses make in my opinion, but as the Carolina Panthers were undefeated until last week losing to the Falcons, Boston sports reporters saw it differently.

Boston news reports in general, on and off season, always seem to find a way to incorporate news regarding Brady (and Cape Cod).  bradydelayWhat inspired this blog was my train being delayed… AGAIN, to accommodate travelers to and from, a Patriots game!  It’s abundantly clear that the football franchise is a major source of revenue for the city of Boston.  The beautiful Brady can do no wrong, natives wear Patriots merchandising year round, and now I’ve been inconvenienced TWICE for fans.  The first time, for people going, and last Sunday for people coming back.Patriots Jacket

Now don’t misunderstand, I’m a Patriots advocate, and love to see them win.  Born in Jerzee and a resident of Manhattan since 21‎, when it comes to sports, I simply support all teams of the North-East.  However, coming from a metropolis where sports are just one dynamic of bradywear2015excitement, it’s a new experience observing such tremendous devotion first hand.

UPDATE 1/8/16:  A pair of boxers and a t-shirt worn by Brady during his appearance in the Mark Wahlberg film “Ted 2,” will be put up for auction, with a starting bid of $2,500.  Goldin Auctions is brokering the sale that runs from January 11-30 online.


Hence, Brady’s got Boston By the BALLS!!!

for the love of football and the spirit of Boston


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