Qatar Airways has kicked off beefing up their locations for commercial flights across the country.  Qatar is the world’s third largest cargo operator with more than 150 destinations.  The airline currently operates six cargo destinations to the United States, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles.

en vogueOn Monday, Qatar Airways’ executive Akbar Al Baker, hosted a press conference at the Ritz-Carlton hotel.  The press conference was for the purpose of announcing flights from Boston’s Logan International Airport, to the airline’s hub in Doha, Qatar, which began on March 16th.  Festivities commenced on Sunday at the city’s Park Plaza hotel, where En Vogue and Nikka Costa performed, for a gaggle of executives in the travel industry.

The country of Qatar, is the host for the next soccer World Cup in 2022, which is six years away.  One may think, “that’s a long way off,” but it’s actually not — especially if you’re hosting one of the biggest sporting events around the world.  Among the cities where Qatar has cargo flights in America, they’re all advocates, of soccer.  Atlanta (GA) ranks the lowest at number-28; but Boston (MA) comes in at the highest among cities where Qatar flies at number-6; Chicago (IL) ranks at number-16; Dallas & Houston in Texas are at number-10; and Los Angeles (CA) is at number-7.  Seattle, Washington holds the number-one spot for soccer enthusiasts in the United States, followed by Maryland; Washington D.C.; New Jersey; and New York rounding out the top-five.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, “his Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker”, holds a degree in economics & commerce which he earned in India, and is the former Chairman of the Qatar Tourism Authority.  At this point you may be saying, “so…”, I’ve prefaced with all the aforementioned to make a point that you may not be aware of.  While the World Cup may be an attractive aspect to boost dynamics of tourism in Qatar, what’s horrific and ugly, are the 1200 men that have died in preparation for it.

According to an article released by the BBC News, the death toll is actually at 1,239 since 2013 per reports from Nepal and India, where many of the workers come from that are building in Qatar.  I first became aware of the deplorable conditions for migrant workers prepping for the World Cup in Qatar, by way of a segment that was featured on the HBO show, “Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel.”  Living and working conditions are appalling at best.  All the workers endure long hours under a blazing sun, accepting low pay, to take residence in disgusting dormitories.nikka

While I’m excited that Nikka and En Vogue had the fortune to work, I’d be remiss if I didn’t contribute to the discourse discussing the abuse being endured, by the men that are building a monument for entertainment.  Does this mean that Qatar Airways is responsible or should be held accountable?  “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” ― Eldridge Cleaver.


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