Sly & the Family Stone’s “Everyday People” is the new song for selling Farxiga.  Farxiga is a drug to aid people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, more commonly known as “High Blood Sugar.”  Last year, the same drug used the song “Walk of Life,” by Dire Straits.  Apparently Big Pharma wasn’t getting the bucks they needed from that ad campaign – so this year they’re bringing the FUNK…

This isn’t the first time and ad campaign has featured “Everyday People.”  Back in ’98, Toyota featured the Funk classic for this spot…

The hit was the first number one single by the Family Stone on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.  It stayed at the top of the chart for four weeks from February 15, 1969 to March 14th of that year.  Back in ’09, the TLC channel used the smash, for their network promo.  Funkalicious dropped that bit of knowledge in “Funk Ads Up To $ – Part Three.”  Everyday People





But wait, fifteen years before TLC used it, CBS did a lack luster version of the song for their promos during the height of Candice Bergen’s hit TV show “Murphy Brown.”

So Sly Stone’s brand of FUNK has been gracing television for over 20 years.  Naturally fans of FUNK and lovers of hip-hop, can’t forget the Arrested Development chart topper “People Everyday,” which was a remake of the classic.

MTV Unplugged version…

Long story short, yet again after 10 installments, FUNK AD(D)S UP 2 DOLLARS!!!

for the preservation of FUNK


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