Roger Ortega, a.k.a. RO, has hit “The Lottery”!  It wasn’t by way of a “Lottery” ticket though, but through his choices to relish in his fortune, and appreciating the benefits that life has afforded him.  Ortega started his first group, Slo Motion, at the age of 14.  These days he’s rollin’ solo, as an artist, with the undying support of his loving family.

ortegaRO’s immediate family is his wife Heather and two daughters Taylia and Lyric.  His extended family, which is not uncommon for folks in the music business, are his management company MexMixEntertainment and producers the Rezza Brothers  Born and bred in Topeka, Kansas, Ortega now calls New Jersey his home.  He connected with Katrina (Hirtz) of MexMix, while on tour in Miami several years ago, when the Canadian based company were working with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – you remember them don’t cha?  Although he didn’t take them on as business partners then, they “stayed in touch,” and today they’re both happy that they did.

RO’s new single, “When I’m with You,” will be available for purchase on April 25th.  The first official single from his forthcoming album, “The Lottery,” you can find the buzz track “All of Me” online now.  “It’s a nod to Michael Jackson,” Ortega says of “All of Me,” who idolizes “The King of Pop.”  RO also loves the music of Prince, George Michael, Richard Marx, Babyface, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Earth, Wind & Fire and Master of Funk George Clinton.  His track, “She’s Breakin’ Necks,” is a throw to the genre of Funk.  “It’s about a girl so beautiful, that when she walks down the street ‘She’s Breakin’ Necks,’ says Ortega.  The song even features the talents of bass man/ guitarist, Lawrence “L*A*W” Worrell, who’s jammed with Clinton.

Additional songs on “The Lottery” include “Put It on Me,” “Worst Hangover” and “Never Forget,” which is dedicated to his dearly departed dad, the musician that influenced him the most.  “I feel like I hit ‘The Lottery’ and the title tune is dedicated to my wife,” says RO, regarding the name for his sophomore effort.  He sees his journey of making music as a blessing – “You can’t win if you don’t play.”  On June 4th, RO will do a show in his hometown of Topeka, to show love to the city of his birth.  As an expression of appreciation, there’s a contest that local up and coming artists, can take part in.  “I’m extending an invitation to local talent to open the set for me,” says Ortega, “any performer that’s interested can submit a video or send me a link to their YouTube page.”  A few days before the show, RO will choose a winner, based on submissions to his e-mail:

Ortega’s hometown concert takes place at the Gage Park Amphitheater.  Next month, he’ll do a set in Hoboken, NJ on May 23rd at the legendary Maxwell’s.  A show in Toronto, Canada is being planned, around the release of his new CD.  You can follow RO, to get more information about his music and touring status, through his twitter and Instagram accounts @rnbpopwrytr.


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