Above all, I’m grateful for my blessings, I can truly say that.  This coward that took the lives of so many innocent people in Orlando should not be called a terrorist.  It was a horrific occurrence, and while I do consider acts of violence terrorist acts, this weakling for lack of better description isn’t worthy.

The pansy that’s now committed the worst massacre in the history of our country was gay and ashamed.  How tragic that lives have been lost and others forever changed due to his delusion.  He couldn’t admit, accept and embrace his sexuality because of his ethnicity, religious practices and fear of opinion from those in his circle – I don’t believe he had any friends.  A very senseless tragedy.  My sincere condolences to all that experienced loss due to the heinous act of violence in Florida.

Beyonce "Lemonade"As life goes on and love is for the living, I’m loving Beyonce, and Alicia Keys’ new music.  B’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself” is THE FUNKIEST song of her career!!! Have you heard this muther…?  It’s speculated that the song is in reference to her relationship with Jay-Z, but prior promotions for the couple’s “Run” tour, tell me that it can simply be artistic expression.  It could also be directed at her pops for his infidelity concerning her mother.  Featuring Jack White, if black radio isn’t playing this, it should be.  In any case “Lemonade” is a bonafide hit.  A project sonically steeped in Ms. Knowles’ southern roots, it delivers powerful messages of empowerment for women, while simultaneously reflecting unbelievable present day acts of oppression.  Beyonce has long established herself as a Queen in Pop-Culture and an A-Lister in the genre of R&B — “Lemonade” is the mark of a Legend.  I’m looking forward to the rest of Keys’ forthcoming album, expected to be released the latter part of this summer, the first single “In Common” was written by her, Illangelo, Tayla Parks and Billy Walsh.  Illangelo is a Grammy Award winner that’s collaborated with The Weeknd, who also produced the track, from her sixth studio album.  According to “The List,” it’s said to be reflective of her New York City roots, and love of hip-hop culture.  Here’s the video…

Lastly, and by no means least nor is it the only thing left on my mind, but needs to be expressed.  The 2016 Olympics in Brazil.  This should not be happening.  When it was first announced, I was happy for the country thinking it could be a means of enhancing tourism there, eventually injecting more money in to the economy.  So much money has been spent on the event already, yet it’s not enough, as the country is so impoverished.  The BIGGER reason is because of the Zika virus.  A situation that is now somewhat contained in one part of the world, stands the risk of becoming a pandemic — that’s crazy!  This can be avoided, yet due to the preverbal “bottom line,” I don’t see it happening.Zika Virus

There’s a plethora of other things that consume me, Prince’s death (still), the “opioid crisis” (STOP calling it that), this year’s upcoming Presidential election (“The Donald” actually got this far?), my daughter Winter’s future as climate change persists… but here’s just a few items I hope and trust resonate with others, that I just had to put pen to paper on, or rather type.

Alicia Keys Loves Prince






On Prince… https://museumofuncutfunk.com/2016/06/07/happy-birthday-prince-a-funky-celebration-for-a-king/


On Opioids… https://museumofuncutfunk.com/2015/09/02/thetruthaboutheroin/

for the need of expression


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