Apparently it’s a delusional fabricated term to give a solicitor a license to keep calling at hours you asked them NOT to call.  At least that’s been my recent experience with Sirius/XM Radio.  Seriously Sirius – I won’t be blasting “Yacht Rock” or “BackSpin” any longer.

The possessor of a new vehicle, it came with the “service,” on a trial basis.  The trial is ending so they claim to want my thoughts.  1st time they call I say I’d be glad to take part in the survey, but I can’t do it before 6pm, they say can we call you back – I say sure.  A couple days past, a call from the same number during the day, I don’t answer.  Then I believe I get a call from a different number (but it could have been the same) I have the same chat regarding when to call, they say o-k and will implement into “the system” for me to be called in the evening (which is what the first person said) – I say “o-k.”

A few days pass, a few more calls, I ignore them all.  They call again today, AGAIN, during the day.  It’s “Mike” – Mike got an ear-full, not in an unpleasant way, but a summation of the aforementioned, closed with “I will not be subscribing.”  On a positive note, I did Love “Sway in the Morning” on Shade 45, but one show just ain’t enough.  Shout outs to my WBLS alum – FB, TJ, BK & KW.

Sway from Sirius Radio

At least Xfinity and others that want my money say, “for Quality and training purposes,” instead of the lie that is declaring for “Quality Assurance.”

for the Love of Real Radio


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