The city of Boston should be thanking their lucky stars for the wholesome home-style delicious culinary goodness of Flour. I don’t usually write blogs about food, this will be my third, because I think it’s warranted. The tale of good food MUST be shared.

From Flour’s website: “In 2000, she opened Flour, a bakery and café, in Boston’s South End. Flour features breakfast pastries, breads, cakes, cookies, and tarts as well as sandwiches, soups, and salads. In 2007 she opened a second branch of Flour in the Fort Point Channel area, in 2010 a third branch in Cambridge near MIT and Central Square, and in 2013 a fourth branch in the Back Bay.”Joanne Chang

The she being referred to in the previous paragraph is Joanne Chang. An honors graduate of Harvard College with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics, she left a career as a management consultant to begin her life as a professional cook. Thank goodness, because there’s thousands of stomachs, that are truly grateful. A relative new resident in Boston, my taste-buds were first delighted, at the Back Bay location.  Recently another opened in Harvard Square, which is close to where I live, so I took my family there for lunch over the weekend.

Now a regular, I have had several of the restaurant’s sandwiches, soups and desserts, as my dining window there is during the lunch hour. Telling you specifically what sandwich, soup or dessert doesn’t matter, because there’s not an unsavory yummy item, on the menu. What ever I have ordered is always good. Lunch was so good I started doing breakfast. The morning menu features an egg souffle sandwich. A colleague of mine said they were delighted with their catered Chang-KCC-students-Group-II-1024x682Thanksgiving package. Chang even has two books with the recipies for her culinary delights.

Last but far from least, the staff is impeccable, always top-notch (except that one time). I’ve been there no short of 50 times. Their attention to detail in preparation and presentation is amazing for the constant volume they incur. Always with a smile and an attitude of what more can I do for you. I could go on, instead if you’re in Boston, just go to Flour for good food – there’s 8 locations:

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