Any given car owner that’s ever paid attention to law enforcement practices, knows that there’s a spike in tickets issued by police, during holiday season. This is a nationwide practice. Any precinct across these 50 states would deny it, but practically any given person’s 3 to 6 degrees of separation of knowing a cop, confirms it.

Apart from the standard spike in issuing tickets during the most wonderful time of the year. The meter maids of Back Bay in Boston also like issuing unlawful tickets throughout the year. This past September, an acquaintance of mine made sure to stay on top, of feeding the meter she was parked at. When actually going to retrieve more quarters, asked me to keep an eye out and drop in a quarter, if need be just in case. I agree to do so, and take a look, just to make sure she’s got time. WHAT! To my surprise, although there’s still time, there’s a ticket on the windshield…parkingticketmeter

I encourage her to use the picture I took to fight the ticket. Another colleague of mine told me that they got a ticket with as much as 45 minutes on the meter. “I was gone for 15 minutes,” she says, who’s also fighting an unjust ticket. Beware the Bogus Beat-walkers of Back Bay in Boston.

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