The Weeknd, DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, French Montana and Future are among the biggest names in music today. The backgrounds of these five men are as diverse, as various genres of music, yet they’re all ‘King(s) of Pop’ music and culture.

Whether you love them, their music or not, these guys have got bodies rocking and dancing across the globe. The sounds of these men are on par with the classic grooves of the 80s, fusing sonic vibrations of this latter day, enabling them to dominate the movement of pop and hip-hop. If either of these artists aren’t at the top of the charts with a hit of they’re own, they’re featured on or have produced a song that is, for the past few years now.

This is just a tip of the hat, to five of today’s outstanding, musical mavericks… 

for the LOVE of Good Music


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