“Life is full of ups and downs… the carousels of love. Good times, bad times, smiles and frowns… Don’t give up on me…,” are words uttered by Damian Marley on his latest release “Stony Hill.” His 6th album, his brother Stephen joins him, on the songs “Medication,” “Grown & Sexy,” and “Perfect Picture.”

The two have always collaborated when producing music and generating ideas, along with their other brothers, Kymani, Julian and Ziggy, while simultaneously releasing solo efforts. Additional songs on ‘Stony Hill’ include: “Nail Pon Cross,” “R.O.A.R.,” “Caution,” and “Slave Mill.”

“Jr. Gong” is also currently featured on Jay-Z’s track “Bam,” from his “4:44” release. ‘Stony Hill’ took the number-one spot on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart two weeks ago.

From Billboard: “Upon its release in 1984, Bob Marley’s “Legend” initially reached No. 54 on the Billboard 200 chart that year, but went on to chart a lengthy run on the list and continued to sell well as the years — and decades — went by. The album regularly sells between 3,000 and 5,000 a week, and reached a peak of No. 18 in 2012. On the most recent Billboard 200 chart (dated Sept. 13, 2014), the album ranked at No. 100 with 3,000 in sales for the week ending Aug. 31st (of that year), according to SoundScan.

The album has sold 11.6 million copies in the U.S. since 1991, when SoundScan started tracking sales. It is certified as selling 15 million, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (which would account for sales before 1991). ‘Legend’ was reissued in a deluxe package for its 30th anniversary.”

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