Yeah, yeah
You are a bad bad Mrs.
In them skin tight britches

Runnin’ folks in ditches
Baby about to bust the stitches, yeah
Skin tight, skin tight
Skin tight, skin tight
Hold tight
You are a real fine lady
Though your walks a little shady
Step on the strip on time
There’s money you’re bound to find, yeah
Skin tight, skin tight
Skin tight, skin tight
Skin tight, skin tight
Hold tight
Gone, gone, gone with your bad self
Walk that walk, talk that talk mama
Skin tight
Hold me barely back girl
Keep on steppin’ to me baby







One of the baddest female comic book characters of the 1970‘s was Misty Knight.

The original 1970’s Knight comic book character was the best marksman in her class at the New York police academy and graduated at the top of her class. She became a patrolwoman for New York’s Twelfth Precinct. Her friendship with Colleen Wing began when she saved Wing from criminal gunfire in the course of duty. Later, she saw terrorists throw a bomb into a bank. She seized the bomb, but it exploded before she could remove it. Her right arm had to be amputated and it was replaced with a bionic steel arm designed at Stark International. Due to her injury, Knight had to retire from active duty as a policewoman and rather than accept a desk job with the police department she resigned.

She later teamed up with Colleen Wing to form their own crime fighting agency. Knight and Wing formed a partnership as private investigators and called their firm Nightwing Restorations, Ltd. Due to Wing’s samurai-style training and both partners’ expertise in martial arts they were dubbed “the Daughters of the Dragon.” Knight and Wing are frequent allies of Iron Fist and Power Man. Knight and Iron Fist have had a long romantic relationship.



Marvel Team Up #1

Misty Night was an unnamed character.







Marvel Premiere

Her name was reveled.








1977 – Daughters of the Dragon

The Daughters of the Dragon, the duo of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing first appeared in “The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32, January 1977.







Bizarre Adventures #25

Lethal Ladies: Black Widow, Lady Daemon and The Daughters of the Dragon








2006 – Daughters of the Dragon

Bounty hunters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing star in this sexy action thriller.  When four less-than “super” villains – Whirlwind, 8-Ball, Humbug and Freezer Burn – skip bail and team up to rob the penthouse apartment of a wealthy publisher, they get more than they bargained for. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are on the case. Unfortunately, so are a host of villains and assassins looking to recover what was stolen.



These comic books are a part of The Museum of UnCut Funk Collection.

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