Fast Willie Jackson was a funky comic book series that depicted 1970’s Black culture in a positive way. The cast of characters reminds you of the classic Blaxploitation flicks Five On the Black Hand Side and A Piece of The Action.

There is Fast Willie, a smart, funny and cool ass mofo. He is friends with Dee Dee Wilson, a hip soul sista. Jo-Jo is like JJ from Good Times (you be the judge). Jabar is the “power to the people” militant. Frankie Johnson is the original Daddy Cool.

Finally, there is the African warrior looking, bald headed, mammoth sized weightlifter befitting of the name Hannibal. I subscribe to the version of history where Hannibal is a Black man. Officer Flagg, the lone white character, is “The Man”. My man Jose Martinez, is the bodega / soda shop owner. The Asian dude owns the martial arts studio in Mo City.

The action takes place in Mo City USA, a Black metropolis, where the bad, strong, fast, hip and cool live and play. These brothers and sisters keep it real, slap high fives and stick it to the man.

Unfortunately, the Fast Willie Jackson series only lasted for seven issues. Finding copies of this comic series is difficult. Fans of these comics are not that willing to sell them. However, if you can find a copy or two they make a great addition to any comic book collection.

The series includes:

Issue #1 – October 1976


Issue #2 – December 1976


Issue #3 – February 1977


Issue #4 – April 1977


Issue #5 – June 1977


Issue #6 – August 1977


Issue #7 – October 1977


The Museum Of UnCut Funk has acquired the merchandise rights to Fast Willie Jackson. New merchandise featuring Fast Willie Jackson characters will be available in the Museum Of UnCut Funk Store later this year.

The Museum of UnCut Funk Collection includes the Fast Willie Comic Book Series.

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  • Robert Monroe, Jr.
    February 17, 2020

    I wish someone would publish all seven issues into a collection along with essays.

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