I wrote this poem for all the mothers I know this past Mother’s Day and sent it to them via e-mail. I thought you, my current and future readers, might appreciate it 😉


To all the wonderful mothers I have the fortune to know, from your precious wombs children have flowed. You’ve sowed them like seeds and you’re watching them grow, nurturing them until they go off on their own.

You teach them how to love, and raise them as best you can, sometimes without the help or support of a man. You’ve shown them the path that they should take, and hope and trust they make few mistakes.

When they were sick you made them well, when they are lost you can always tell, when they are asleep your voice is the bell, to wake them from heaven on earth, or their personal hell.  No child is perfect, but yours is perfect to you, for a mother’s love knows no fools.

You pray for their safety and give them rope, a string to hold on to, so they’ll always have hope. Your love is the bridge that enables them to cross, the sea of life that will constantly toss.

Although they’re not always by your side, even in your absence you remain their guide. A mother’s wisdom knows when her child backslides, she knows when her child is telling the truth, and takes no pride in a child that lies. She knows when her child is doing their best and places her or him above all the rest.

You do all you can and even more, you put a band-aid on their scrapes and sores. You try to mend their broken hearts, and even forgive them when they fart. Your love is with them from the very start, and will remain in their souls and minds, when you depart.

So here’s to you oh darling mother, a poem from your son and beloved brother 😉

Curtis Waller



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