The first year I started this blog, I wrote a poem for Mothers  I sent it out to all my friends that are moms via e-mail and made it my sixth blog installment.  Earlier this week, an old friend of mine lost his dad, and another reminded me that Father’s Day was this Sunday.  So I took time out to write a little something, in hopes it will allow “My Fellow Fathers” to have a better Monday.

My Fellow Fathers


To All My Brothers that are Fathers

Good Work

You’ve Taught Our Sons to

Follow in Our Footsteps so Our

Legacies won’t be Besmirched

You’ve Kept Our Daughters Whole

So They Never Felt the Need to Work a Pole


You’ve Always Provided for Your Family

And Acted as a Mediator so Disputes

At Home End Amicably

You’ve had a Job Since You were Twelve

 So by this Time You Know the Deal

Is to Consistently Provide Your

Family with Daily Meals

Despite Adversity You Kept It Together

Because Somehow You Knew Things

Would get Better

Even When Times were Really Bad

Your Children Never Judged You

Because You’re Their Dad

So Here’s to You, My Fellow Fathers

Not You, the Guys and Negroes who Just

Wanna Holla and Throw a Woman a Dollar

So You Don’t Have to Bother, with

Being A Father


Happy Father’s Day

Here’s a clip of Denzel Washington speaking to a group of young people.  His sentiments express the ideals that I have shared with my son, so he no doubt, instilled the truth of the words in his own children.



Funky Mother’s Day


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