Spoof Comics presents SoulTrek, a combination of Soul Train and Star Trek. Say What??? Okay, maybe not the best comic, but what a brilliant idea for Spoof comic book fans.

USS Colt

Soul Trek 1 LargeThe comic takes the reader on board the USS Colt 45 as it enters the final frontier of SOUL…that right you heard me. The USS Colt 45 sails into the galaxy on her mission to seek out SOUL in every corner of the universe and to bring it to those who don’t possess it: To Boldly Go Where No Other Brother Has Gone Before.

With funky narratives, hip jive talkin’ and reminders of what happenned to various celebrities during the early 1990‘s, this is one of the funniest comics I have read in awhile. The cast of characters includes Captain Don Cornelian (Don Cornelius), Commander of the USS Colt 45. His first Officer Commander is a no talkin’, can’t understand what the fuck he is sayin’ James Brown. The ship Counselor is The Coz and the Communications Officer is Lt. Whitney Hewston…there is no mention of Bobby Brown…thank goodness!!! Security is in the hands of Mike Tysen, whose English is just as bad if not worse than Commander Brown.

Soul Trek Comic Book Page 2

Soul Trek Comic Book Page 1

Soul Trek 2 LargeAs the ship sails deeper into the galaxy, Lt. Hewston get a signal from an alien ship. Captain Cornelian asks for details and Lt. Hewston says “it’s scrambled”. The Captain shouts “Then put up the scramble board and get those kids up here”. Low and behold Shawna and Malcolm appear to unscramble the message.

This comic is cool, funky and a must have in your comic collection. The images of don’t look exactly like the celebrity themselves but it is well executed and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The story is interesting and not difficult to understand. This is one of those comic books that makes you question whether or not the creators are insane or genius.

Spoof Comics presents Soul Trek are a part of The Museum of UnCut Funk Collection.

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