For a short time in the early 1970’s, Crazy magazine, a competitor of Mad and Cracked magazines was published by Marvel Comics. In 1973, Crazy released a parody of Shaft, called Shafted. During this period Crazy magazine payed tribute to many Black celebrities in the area of film, music and television.

After the 1970’s, Crazy Magazine sadly went away from the funky and focussed more on urban crap. True comic and blaxploitation fans will have at least one issue of Crazy Magazine in their collection.

The Museum of UnCut Funk Collection includes Crazy Magazine issues #4 and #48.

Crazy Magazine #2 – 1973

James Bond parody of Live and Let Die.

Crazy Magazine #4 – 1973

Richard Roundtree parody of Shaft.

Crazy Magazine # 26 – 1977

A cast of TV characters that features Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs of Welcome Back Koter and Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son.

Crazy Magazine # 29 – 1977

A cast of Welcome Back Kotter with Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs aka Freddie Boom Boom Washington. A true cult classic.

Crazy Magazine #48 – 1978

Ease on down the road with Michael Jackon, Diana Ross, Nipsey Russell and Ted Ross. For the Michael Jackson fan looking for something a little different and special to add to their collection this might be it.

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