From the minds of Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, the Afrodisiac phenomena got it’s start in 2005 as short stories and anthologies. Jim Rugg, co-creator of the Afrodisiac comic series, recently stated in an interview with Comic Book Resources “ We try to capture the style and energy of the great Blaxploitation movies”.

Capture they did. Afrodisiac has all the energy and hipness of some of the greatest Black films to come out of the 1970’s. In addition to embodying the artistic flow of 1970‘s comic books, Afrodisiac is straight up old school funk. Afrodisiac is a pimp who can hypnotize any woman with the mere mention of his name. The Afrodisiac character has been compared to some of the coolest cats of the Blaxploitation genre like The Mack, Willie Dynamite and John Daniels from Black Shampoo. Afrodisiac is as slick as Jim Brown in Slaughter or Issac Hayes in Truck Turner, and as cool as Brother Rabbit from the classic animated live action film Coonskin. Afrodisiac is the man!

Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca have captured the true essence of what was going down in the streets of Black America during the 1970’s. With all the usual suspects, Afrodisaic has freaks, geeks, the man, hot chicks, bad ass rides and who can forget the fashion. Fashion played a huge part in Blaxploitation films. While SuperFly will go down as the flyest motherfucker in cinematic history, Afrodsiac represents on all levels, including his never out of place fro.
The Museum of UnCut Funk is thrilled that Jim Rugg shared some of the art from the soon to be released Afrodisiac graphic novel. The complete collection of Afrodisiac comics will be available in graphic novel form in December 2009. This is a must have for any comic book collector, fan of Blaxploitation films or anyone interested in comic art. Right On!!!

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  • December 28, 2012

    Thank you for Preserving these AAmerican Arts!

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