Rickety Rocket was a segment in The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show, about an artificially intelligent space ship created by a group of four Black kid geniuses who run a detective agency and solve mysteries in the future.

Rickey Rocket Original Model Cel

Rickety Rocket Concept Sheet

Rickety Rocket was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions, and ran from 1979 to 1980 for 16 episodes:

  • The Case of the Zombie Monster
  • The Mysterious Robot Critic Caper
  • The Spaceship Caper
  • The Golden Crystal Caper
  • The Rickety Robbery
  • The Alien Egg-Caper
  • The Super-Duper Race Cage
  • The Creepy Creature Caper
  • The Mysterious, Serious Circus Caper
  • The Mad Mummy Mystery
  • The Count Draculon Caper
  • The Horrible Headless Horseman Caper
  • The Case of the Fearsome Phantom
  • The Mysterious Warnings of Doom
  • The Case of the Vicious Voodoo Villain
  • The Deep Sea Demon Caper

The characters were voiced by:

  • John Anthony Bailey – Sunstroke
  • Johnny Brown – Splashdown
  • Al Fann – Rickety Rocket
  • Bobby F. Ellerbee – Cosmo
  • Dee Timberlake – Venus

The Museum of UnCut Funk has added the Original Production Model Sheet Cel and Concept Sheet for Rickety Rocket to our rare and unique collection of Original Production Cels and Original Production Drawings featuring Black characters from 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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