Chris and Christy Cross are Micro Woman and Super Stretch, a fictional, shape-shifting, husband and wife crime fighting team. They were the first Black Superhero duo and the first Black Husband and Wife superhero duo to appear in a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Chris and Christy Cross were an average suburban couple that turned into a shape-shifting, husband and wife crime-fighting team. Scientist Chris Cross discovered a way to change his body structure to become malleable allowing him to stretch like rubber and take virtually any shape, Christy could shrink to microscopic size. Their dog Trouble tagged along on their adventures.

They appeared as a segment in the Tarzan and Super 7 cartoon that aired on CBS. The Micro Woman and Super Stretch segment was produced by Filmation. They made their first appearance on September 9, 1979 and ran for 11 episodes.

  • Bad Things Come in Small Packages
  • The Ringmaster
  • The Toymaker
  • Future Tense
  • Phantom of the Sewers
  • Shadow on the Swamp
  • The Great Candy Bar Caper
  • The Superstretch Bowl
  • Superstarch and Magnawoman
  • Sugar Spice
  • Gnome Man’s Land

These characters were voiced by:

  • Chris/Superstretch voiced by Ty Henderson
  • Christy/Microwoman voiced by Kim Hamilton
Tarzan And The Super 7 Super Stretch And Micro Woman Original Production Cel
Tarzan And The Super 7 Micro Woman Original Production Cel
MicroWoman OPC 4
Micro Woman OPC 5

Superstretch OPC 1

SuperStretch OPC 2

The Museum of UnCut Funk has recently added this artwork to our rare and unique collection of original production cels and original production drawings featuring Black characters from 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Tarzan and the Super 7, Super Stretch and Micro Woman © 2017 Comcast-NBC Universal


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