The Hardy Boys cartoon featured the first postive Black character in a Saturday morning cartoon series, who was also the first Black male character and the first positive Black male musician character in a Saturday morning cartoon series – Peter Jones. He was the drummer in the band. He was voiced by Byron Kane.

The Hardy Boys Peter Jones Original Production Pan Cel

Hardy Boys Original Production Cel 3

Hardy Boys Original Production Cel

Hardy Boys Original Production Cel 2

The Hardy Boys Cartoon was produced by Filmation Associates. The cartoon series aired on Saturday mornings on the ABC network from 1969-1971. All 34 episodes were directed by Hal Sutherland and produced by Lou Scheimer & Norm Prescott.

Season 1

  • The Hardy Boys – Part 1
  • The Hardy Boys – Part 2
  • The Secret Warning
  • The Viking Symbol Mystery
  • The Secret of the Caves
  • The Secret of the Old Mill
  • The Missing Chums
  • The Mystery of the Desert Giant
  • The Mystery of Cabin Island
  • Hunting for Hidden Gold
  • The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior
  • The Hidden Harbor Mystery
  • The Ghost at Skeleton Rock
  • The Mystery of the Chinese Junk
  • The Shore Road Mystery
  • What Happened at Midnight
  • The Sign of the Crooked Arrow
Yvonne Iola Mary Original Model Cel

Season 2

  • The Clue In The Embers
  • The Clue of the Screeching Owl
  • The House on the Cliff
  • Mystery Of The Spiral Bridge
  • The Yellow Feather Mystery
  • The Mystery At Devils Paw
  • The Sinister Signpost
  • The Melted Coins
  • The Mark On The Door
  • The Flickering Torch Mystery
  • The Haunted Fort Mystery
  • The Mystery of Wildcat Swamp
  • The Clue of the Broken Blade
  • Hardy Boys Episode 31
  • The Short Wave Mystery
  • The Hooded Hawk Mystery
  • Pirates Hill

The Museum of UnCut Funk has added Original Production Cels and an Original Storyboard from The Hardy Boys Cartoon to our rare and unique collection of Original Production Cels and Original Production Drawings featuring Black characters from 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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