Black Vulcan was created to add more cultural diversity to the All New Super Friends Hour.

Black Vulcan was not a pre-existing DC superhero. Black Vulcan was specifically created to be a part of the All New Super Friends hour because the existing D.C. character, Black Lightning, could not be used due to a rights dispute with the creator of the character. Hanna Barbera produced 15 one hour episodes that aired from September 10, 1977 to September 2, 1978. Black Vulcan was voiced by Buster Jones.

Black Vulcan also appeared in the Challenge of the Super Friends, another Hanna Barbera 16 episode cartoon series that ran on ABC from September 9, 1978, to December 23, 1978.

Black Vulcan’s powers include the ability to emit electricity from his hands, as well as fly by charging his lower body with energy. On a few occasions, he exhibited powers he had not shown before, such as the ability to assume a form of pure energy and travel at the speed of light (Challenge of the Superfriends: The World’s Deadliest Game, September 23, 1978). He was even able to travel back in time by fluctuating his body’s energy in such a way that it opened a rift in space-time (Challenge of the Superfriends: Secret Origins of the Superfriends, October 28, 1978). Finally, Black Vulcan is able to spot-weld microelectronics (World’s Greatest Superfriends Episodes: Dive to Disaster).

Black Vulcan Cel

Super Friends Black Vulcan Original Production Drawing

Super Friends - Black Vulcan OPD 2

Super Friends - Black Vulcan Original Production Drawing 3

Black Vulcan Original Production Drawing 6a

The Original Production Cels, Original Production Drawings and Model Sheet are from The Museum Of UnCut Funk Black Animation Collection.

The Black Vulcan character has also been made into an action figure.

All New Super Friends Hour, Black Vulcan © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


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