Today I attended the New York City Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Convention Center…talk about geeks, freaks and everything in between. What I found most interesting was the wide range of people in attendance young, old, black white and things I couldn’t being to describe.

Walking around the Javits Center is a little daunting. First of all, I really believe Comic Con has out grown the space. There were thousands upon thousands of people in attendance, dressed in everything from Wonder Woman to actual genitalia.


Some of the costumes were thrown together (which wasn’t a bad thing) and some were very elaborate. I tried to capture pictures of the most unusual and different. Attendees dressed in their comic garb were friendly and gracious about having their pictures taken.




There were a number of new comic book creators introducing their characters and discussing why I should dig their creations. I found some to be of interest and some that I would pass on to my godchildren. I enjoyed my visit as a member of the press…I missed my opportunity to hit some of the VIP events but I had a great time meeting and talking to a number of people.



Looking forward to attending next year!

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