Hell-Rider 2 is the complete story that is the second and last appearance of The Butterfly, the first ever Black super-heroine in comics…

“The Butterfly Against the Brothers of the Crimson Cross”. We are introduced to Tony Morris, FBI special investigator, who looks like he was going to be the romantic interest for Marian Michaels, alias The Butterfly. In this issue Butterfly’s opponents are a Ku Klux Klan-type white supremacist secret society with a leader who’s penetrated the upper levels of power in Washington. The mission of the Brothers of the Crimson Cross is nothing less than the total eradication of non-white races in America.








Marian and Tony don’t fit any negative stereotypes. They’ve each made a decent career for themselves and both are really upstanding, principled people, from what we’ve managed to learn about them. It’s a really positive image of Blacks, but their presence in the comic wasn’t achieved without some difficulty.

Please continue to check back for more additions to The Museum of UnCut Funk rare and unique collection of Black comic book heroes.

Source: Out of This World


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