Fabio Biondo is a Brazilian cat I friended on Facebook about a year or so ago. He had expressed his passion for animation and really dug what the Museum of UnCut Funk was doing with it’s collection. After some communication Fabio presented his art to the museum and I thought it would really be kool to highlight his work on our site.

What I was most impressed with is that Fabio is a true animator.  He has painstakingly hand drawn frame to frame to create his character. As any animator will tell you, this type of animation is a lost art form. Animation created today is all computer generated.

Fabio’s  work is called Mano Cinderelo (Cinderella Brother), an animated character who has a love for The Jackson Five is transformed into a version of a dancing Michael Jackson. Please enjoy Fabio’s character as he takes use through his journey of drawing on paper and the final painted version on celluloid.

Animation Essay:

Project completion for animation classes given on “Cinemateca de Curitiba” (Cinematheque of Curitiba) and my first animated short. Photographed in celluloid at the Cinematheque in the year of 1998 and restored to HD Digital video in 2010. Produced in acetate with traditional techniques.











Fabio Biondo is an illustrator, designer, videomaker and artist with passage by advertising agencies of Brazil. Since 2008 produces under the brand of his studio, Hand Job Studio, turned to advertising illustration and artistic creation.

As a videographer for the past two years he directed, wrote and signed the arts of video clip of several local bands and alone produced the video clip of the song Vida de Bebê (Baby Life) for the Ultraje a Rigor, ranking third in Brazil in the Top 100 clips animation, marking its place as chief author in the independent scene.



  • Top 100 Brazil
  • Best Video Animation (third place)


  • Aberje Business Communication


  • IBM Beacon Awards – Creative Solution


  • Internet Top of Mind




  • 29/07 – “Música Ilustrada”
  • “Illustrated Music” – Era Só o Que Faltava – Collective – 1 art piece


  • 13/12 – “Ziper Bazar”
  • “Zipper Bazaar ‘- Single – Wonka Bar – 6 videos

11/06 – “Isso é Brasil”

  • “This is Brazil” – Collective – Park Shopping Barigui – 9 art pieces


  • 20/10- “This Is London” – Collective – Unit Magazine – 12 art pieces
  • 06/10 – “Música em Tempos de Internet”
  • “Music in Times of the Internet” – Collective. Wonka Bar – 1 video
  • 20/04 – “Echo Lixo Zero”
  • “Echo Zero Waste” – Single – Park Shopping Barigui – 15 art pieces


  • 21/9 – “Salão do Humor de Paraguaçú Paulista”
  • “Humor Salon of Paraguaçú Paulista” – Collective – 1 art piece


  • 15/12 – “Salão do Humor de Paraguaçú Paulista”
  • “Humor Falls – International Salon of Humor from the Falls” – Collective – 1 art piece

Lectures and Workshops


  • 23/09 to 25/09 – “Charneira” – Design Week Academic of PUC Universiy.
  • ‘Oficina de Captação Experimental para Vídeo Clipe com Fábio Biondo’.
  • ‘Experimental Workshop Funding for Video Clip with Fabio Biondo’.

Fábio Biondo

Hand Job Studio

41 88493351




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  • January 17, 2012

    I am a huge fan of Biondo’s work, we have worked together in numerous projects and he has always exceeded my expectations as an animator, graphic designer, illustrator and creator. I am very happy that Biondo’s work has been chosen to represent also Brazil at the Museum of UnCut Funk, congrats!!! Well deserved 🙂

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