WORLD OF HURT is a serial, B&W, adventure webcomic set in the early 1970s. WORLD OF HURT attempts to combine the format and storytelling traditions of classic newspaper strips like Peter O’Donnell’s Modesty Blaise and Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby with the visceral energy and iconography of the Black action movies of the 1970s, such as Shaft, Trouble Man, and Super Fly.

Although some of the more lurid and over-the-top aspects of the Blaxploitation film movement certainly lend themselves to satire or humor, the intent of WORLD OF HURT is to use the time period and setting as a departure point for dramatic, urban crime stories in the vein of some of the best Black action films of the 1970s.

WORLD OF HURT follows the exploits of ISAIAH “PASTOR” HURT, a tough, mysterious, stylish, and streetwise “fixer.” He can handle any problem you’ve got…if you’re willing to pay the price. Pastor never asks for money, but as payment for his services, he demands two favors to be named later, each to be carried out at a time, place, and manner of his choosing: no questions asked.

The first storyline, entitled “The Thrill-Seekers” finds Pastor in the middle of a search for a missing college student named Alicia Patterson. When Pastor’s missing person case turns into a murder investigation, his relentless quest for justice takes him from the city’s ghetto to a secret club of powerful, high society hedonists.

Source: Jay Potts Creator World of Hurt

Jay Potts is the creator, writer, and artist of WORLD OF HURT. He is a paralegal by occupation and cartoonist by inclination. Jay has eaten a scorpion and once captured a rattlesnake with his bare hands. He currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Noelle, a cat named Boo, and two dogs, Hoppy and Truck Turner.

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