I came across Jim Mahfood’s site by shear accident. I was like WOW I really dig this cat’s work. I’m a fan of black and white comic illustration and Jim has taken characters that I love and admire and created interesting works of art.

The illustrations that we have gathered for this blog are works that were created by Jim some time ago. But I feel as if I have stumbled onto a really kool comic creator, illustration and mix media artist, whose work is funky and that I wanted to share with our readers.

Jim Mahfood aka Food One is a freelance artist working professionally in the fields of illustration, advertising, comic books, murals, fine art, animation, live art in nightclubs, and custom body-painting. He has worked for every major comic book company and his illustrations have appeared in such publications as Playboy, Spin, Spectrum Illustration Annual, Star Wars Gamer, URB, the Hollywood Reporter, BPM, the Phoenix New Times, Mad Magazine, Heavy Metal, and more.

Boom Box by Jim Mahfood for Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics

Subliminal by Jim Mahfood for Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics

Van-Glorious by Jim Mahfood for Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics

Highlights of his career include illustrating director Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics, handling the art chores on the entire ad campaign for Colt 45 malt liquor in 2007-08, painting the murals on Comedy Central’s “Sarah Silverman Show”, illustrating the “Kickpuncher” comic book that was included in the Season 1 DVD of NBC’s hit show, “Community”, illustrating and art directing reggae legend Ziggy Marley’s “MarijuanaMan” project, and providing custom car art for Nissan’s new “Juke” Artist Series.

Below are a black and white illustrations created by Jim Mahfood that I think are funky and are in line with what Asestheic Grooves and The Museum of UnCut Funk are about.

Miles Live Evil 1970 Illustration by Jim Mahfood

 Isaac Hayes Illustration by Jim Mahfood

Cypress Hill Illustration by Jim Mahfood

Public Enemy Illustration by Jim Mahfood

Jimi Hendrix Illustration by Jim Mahfood

Cover art for Titmouse Animation Studios “Mook Vol. 2” by Jim Mahfood

This brillant piece of work is a tribute to Parliament Funkadelic by Jim Mahfood for a soon to be released book called Mook Vol. 2. To see more of Jim Mahfood’s work please visit his website http://jimmahfood.com/…this is one kool cat.

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