The Man:

I had the pleasure of meeting Lance Pilgrim at the 2011 New York City Comic Con. After I introduced myself I shared my love of Blaxploitation films, a source of inspiration for the artwork featured on the Hot Peas and Butta posters. I was so impressed with what these brothers where doing that I had to interview them to find out more.

Lance is the creative genius behind Hot Peas and Butta’s promotional posters. By incorporating his love of 1970’s Kung Fu Flix and music, Lance recreates the images with an updated urban style without losing the true grit, funk and flavor of 1970’s movie poster art.

I definitely can dig it. I am sure that you will also appreciate this brothers’ love for the greatest decade ever! So all my funkateers, please show some love for Lance and Hot Peas and Butta. Not only do they remix the art they also capture the essence of 1970’s funk music at their parties.They are the real deal!

The Art:

Hot Peas & Butta is about an era – a time when you would catch double features on 42nd street of Black Action Films and Shaw Brothers Kung Fu flicks, when the music defined a genre of film. The promotional materials not only told a story, but many were also quality pieces of art, covetted by collectors worldwide. Thats the approach they take. Each Hot Peas & Butta event is a journey, and the art tells that story; they appropriate the imagery of that era, and bring it back to life to give you quality pieces of art.




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