An upcoming comic and animated release, Pale Fragment brings nanotechnology and espionage together in the not too distant future. As a firm believer that science-fiction provides more than entertainment, Wayne Robinson, the illustrator and creator, hopes to explore “how nanotechnology affects us biologically as well as sociologically.”

This detail-heavy multimedia experience is set in the real world, at real locations, with real situations, real limitations, and not too far from today. Above all, technological realism is of paramount importance. Robinson scrapes together his future tech from websites, blogs, and magazines — especially Popular Science. There are many unknowns in the future of espionage, let alone the present. Robinson speculates: “Will it be people, computers, robotics — what is the next evolutionary step? Given the future of international conflict, who are the next casualties of war? In this story, death from mortar fire gives way to the loss of identity — without victims knowing why.”



Wayne Robinson is the owner and Chief Creative of Shimmer Concepts-Media. Established in 2001 servicing a varied list of clients from advertising, manufacturing, financial, video-production, and music industries. Shimmer’s services include illustrations, creative direction, design, web development, 3D modelling & animation, video editing, and pre-press. Wayne’s personal skillsets range from creative direction, illIustration, Fashion, High-End Retouching, design, 3D. Wayne often uses contemporary ideas combined with strong traditional techniques in the execution of his work.

He is also the creative genius behing the logos for The Museum of UnCut Funk and our Black Animation Traveling Exhibition Funky Turns Forty: Black Character Revolution.


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