The Museum of UnCut Funk recently stumbled upon graphic artist Kagan McLeod and his novel Infinite Kung Fu. If you are a real fan of Blaxploitation and Kung Fu you’ll love this novel.


Released in 2011 as a complete volume of seven issues along with 200 additional never seen before pages, Infinite Kung Fu contains over 400 hundred pages of black and white story telling set in medieval China. McLeod introduces Moog Joogular, an afro-sporting blaxploitation-esque character who lives in a city straight from the ‘70s. Moog (a cross between Black Moses-era Issac Hayes, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), is a musician who travels the world in search of Funk. He partners with the main character, Yang Lei Kung (a student of the Immortals), to defeat the Emperor of the Martial World and his servants of the forbidden Poison Kung Fu, and zombies.

The Museum Of UnCut Funk has e-mailed Kagan to request additional information about his work and how he developed the characters for this graphic novel.

Kagan McLeod is a Toronto based illustrator and contributes to magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, New York, Complex, Fast Company, Men’s Health and Wired. His work has appeared in the American Illustration annual and has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, the Society for News Design, and most recently the American Society of Magazine Editors for his work in Portfolio magazine.

Kagan McLeod  began work as a staff artist for Canada’s National Post newspaper, and has since had work published in magazines around the world. He lives in Toronto with his wife, two daughters and hound dog, Buddy.

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