Every now and then I get surprised when I find a poster from the 1970’s Blaxploitation era that I haven’t seen before. Is The Father Black Enough? I have never heard of this film but the poster art is amazing.

I immediately reached out to my poster contacts to see if I could buy the poster from them. No such luck. They hadn’t heard of the film either, nor did they have the poster in their archives. I will continue to look for this work of art. The background information on this film is below.

Is The Father Black Enough has several different titles the film falls under. Night Of The Strangler aka Dirty Dan’s Women aka The Ace of Spades. This film touches on Southern U.S. racial tensions in a whodunit which some may regard as a slasher film …take note that the “strangler” character in the film kills in a variety of ways…none of which are by strangling! The story in play recounts two at-odds brothers imputing one another in the suspicious deaths of their interracially intimate (and pregnant) sister and her lover. Roused suspicions result in more killings and a bunch of potential offenders as the mystery snowballs to a sufficing, though slightly deflating, “surprise” denouement


While the film never really manages to camouflage its third-string foundations, it works well enough as basal entertainment despite a few flat stretches and uneven scripting. MONKEES bandmember Micky Dolenz provides an ok performance, and the rest of the cast follows suit although, to no derogation of the performers, their roles aren’t exactly what one might call “demanding”. Source: IMDB

It continues to amaze me how Hollywood listed actors on movie posters. Take note on the original poster “Is The Father Black Enough” Chuck Patterson is given lead credit. The studios usually listed all Black actors first if the film was marketed to a Black audience. Otherwise the white actors were given lead credits if the film debuted in non black communities.


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